Junior Ensembles Attendance Policy

The following attendance policy corresponds to the Honor Band, Youth Band, and Youth Jazz Band.

Membership in Nassau-Suffolk Performing Arts requires a regular and permanent commitment to our scheduled rehearsal times and concerts.  Absences from rehearsals are detrimental to the ensemble's progress as a whole and counterproductive to a member's personal development.  The attendance requirements are designed to provide members with a clear understanding of their responsibilities in order to achieve success as a performing ensemble.  We encourage each musician to review his/her calendar for possible conflicts before completing the registration process.  Below is a summary of the attendance policy. 

  • Our attendance policy allows for excused absences for school musical commitments. These absences must be submitted by using the Nassau Suffolk Absence Notification Webform as soon as you become aware of a conflict but no later than two weeks prior to the absence.
  • The dress rehearsal is a mandatory rehearsal. Absence from this rehearsal will only be excused if it is due to a school musical commitment or the conductor has approved the absence two weeks prior to the rehearsal.
  • Please make every effort possible to schedule all other obligations around the Nassau-Suffolk schedule.  If you are unable to do so and if it becomes absolutely necessary, two absences in addition to excused school musical commitments may be permitted (which includes absences due to illness).  Absences must be submitted on the Nassau Suffolk Absence Notification Webform as soon as you become aware of a conflict but no later than one week prior to the absence.  The Ensembles Manager must approve these absences in advance.  
  • Musicians should arrive no later than 15 minutes prior to the start of each rehearsal and sign in before the start of the rehearsal.  Ensemble members must be in their seats ready to begin at 7:00 pm. Arrival after this time and up to 7:45pm will be considered half an absence. Any arrival after 7:45pm will be considered a full absence. 
  • If a student must leave a scheduled rehearsal within one hour prior to the conclusion of the rehearsal it will be considered half an absence. 
  • Your membership will be subject to termination without refund if determined by the Conductor or Directors, that you have not fulfilled your obligations and responsibilities to the ensemble.